Winning the Lost, One Person at at Time
 The size of the church, or the number of members attending, is not important because two people on fire to see souls saved can impact the whole church. We have had Seminars with 5 to 82 participants. We can teach up to 500 people at one time in a Seminar. We have supporting churches that give to the ministry, so that smaller in size churches, who financially would not be able to have a Seminar, can have a Seminar. Please contact me for information about these Seminars.
 We can teach a Seminar, before, or as part of Revival services or Mission Conferences. The materials are in English and Spanish; we have plans to use these in Spanish-speaking Baptist churches throughout the United States. Bro. Glen Morales, is our new Central America representative, teaching Seminars in Central America in Spanish. All the materials for the Seminar are provided, including a copy of the Seminar booklet, pens, highlighters, and a New Testament. We come on a love offering basis, and ask that the church provide a place to sleep and rest. The offering, and the place to sleep, is at the discretion of the church.
The schedule:
Friday evening - Sandwich supper at 5:30 pm
Seminar begins at 6:00 pm
Ten minute break at 7:30
Finish promptly at 9:00

Saturday Morning - Coffee & Donuts at 7:30 am
Seminar begins at 8:00
Break at 10:00
Sandwich lunch at 12:00 pm (an eat and listen lunch)
Finish at 2:30 pm

Sunday Morning:
Prayer Meeting 30 minutes to 1 hour before Sunday School
Bro. Bob preaching the Morning Service

We are flexible on the above schedule to accommodate the needs of your people.

There are 2 alternative Seminar schedules that can be used:
1. Start the Seminar on Sunday evening, and continue on Monday and Tuesday evenings (3 hours each evening).
2. Compress the Seminar into 8 hours on Saturday. This would mean an all-day Seminar on Saturday, finishing in Sunday School on Sunday Morning.